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Watch Georgina Campbell in new Apple TV thriller ‘Suspicion’

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Watch Georgina Campbell in new Apple TV thriller ‘Suspicion’
- Georgina Campbell

Businesswoman Katherine Newman is horrified when her 21-year-old son Leo is kidnapped from a New York hotel by masked strangers – all disguised as members of the British royal family including the Queen and Prince Charles – just as Katherine is poised to become the next US ambassador to the UK.

As the National Crime Agency and the FBI investigate, the finger of suspicion quickly points to a group of disparate young British people who were staying at the hotel on the night of Leo’s abduction. Very quickly these four find themselves playing a high-stakes, trans-Atlantic game of cat and mouse as they attempt to evade the authorities in order to prove their innocence…

L&C’s brilliant Georgina Campbell stars in high-octane thriller series ‘Suspicion’ – available now on Apple TV.