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  • Jessica Brown Findlay stars in ‘An Enemy of the People’ at the Duke of York Theatre

    Doubt spreads faster than disease in Ibsen’s thought-provoking play about truth in a society driven by power and money.  When ...

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  • See Ben Turner and Jonathan Case in ‘Macbeth’ at Dock X London

    Macbeth is coming. A couple corrupted by their relentless lust for power have blood on their hands. Witness the gripping tale of ...

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  • Watch Anna Wilson-Jones in new Apple TV thriller ‘Criminal Record’

    From BAFTA Award nominee Paul Rutman, ‘Criminal Record,” is a powerful new London crime thriller starring Academy Award ...

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  • Katherine Parkinson stars in chaotic comedy ‘Here We Go’ Series 2

    Family life with no filter. The Jessops navigate life’s everyday challenges – from changing jobs to kidnapping dogs. ...

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  • Ross Anderson is in new Netflix comedy heist movie ‘Lift’

    Abby is an Interpol agent who has been after a criminal gang for years. She’s hot on the trail of band leader Cyrus at a ...

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New voices

  • Liam Garrigan

    20/30's Northern/Hull, Cool/Friendly/Relaxed

  • Bryony Hannah

    20/30's Neutral/RP, Warm/Bright/Versatile

  • Thalissa Teixeira

    20/30's London/Portuguese, Husky/Dynamic/Authentic

  • Jeremy Schuetze

    30/40's American, Gravitas/Inspiring/Earthy

Interesting fact

'Steamboat Willie' was a 1928 American animated short film directed by Walt Disney and it was the first cartoon with synchronized sound. The cartoon is considered to be the debut of Mickey Mouse and it was the first cartoon to feature a fully post-produced soundtrack. What also distinguished 'Steamboat Willie' from earlier sound cartoons was the level of popularity and Walt Disney himself performed all of the voice overs in the film, although there is little intelligible dialogue.

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Loud and Clear Voices is a London-based award winning voice over agency. We’ve hand-picked our voices from all areas of the media, so we’ve got some ... Read more →

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