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  • Bradley Walsh Steps Into The Tardis As The New ‘Doctor Who’ Starts On BBC One on 7th Oct

    The new series of ‘Doctor Who’ starts on Sunday 7th Oct with Bradley Walsh stepping into the Tardis as Graham, one of ...

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  • Adam James Is The Head Of MI7 In The New ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ Movie Out This Week

    This October Adam James can be seen alongside Emma Thompson and Rowan Atkinson in the latest instalment of the hilarious Johnny ...

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  • Nigel Pilkington Joins The Cast Of The Wonderful ‘Wissper’

    The fantastic TV show ‘Wissper’ has added Loud and Clear’s animation supremo Nigel Pilkington to it’s 2nd ...

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  • Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again with Josh Dylan as the young Bill is in cinemas now!

    It’s back!! starring Loud and Clear’s Josh Dylan as the young Bill is in cinemas from today! Five years after the ...

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  • Noel Clarke Is Back On The Box In Sky One’s Hotly Anticipated ‘Bulletproof’

    Noel Clarke returns to our TV screens in Sky One’s hotly anticipated ‘Bulletproof’ with Ashley Walters from 15th ...

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New voices

  • Kimberley Nixon

    20/30's Welsh, Spirited/Fun/Girl Next Door

  • Christine Hewitt

    30/40's Neutral/RP, Warm/Experienced/Versatile

  • Jessica McDonald

    20/30's Neutral/American, Chatty/Young/Experienced

Interesting fact

Did you know that not all male characters are played by males? More then likely if you have a young boy character in a cartoon series, the casting directors will cast a female voice over in the role because they can sound like young boys, and their voices will not change for a very long length of years, if at all.

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Loud and Clear Voices is a London-based award winning voice over agency. We’ve hand-picked our voices from all areas of the media so we’ve got some ... Read more →

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