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  • Taheen Modak stars in interactive rom-com ‘Five Dates’

    Five Dates follows Vinny, a London-based millennial who jumps headfirst into the world of online dating in the midst of the ...

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  • Catherine Bailey & Simon Ludders are in ‘Assassin’s Creed – Valhalla’

    It’s Ninth Century AD. Norway is war-stricken, and resources are limited. Play as a fierce Viking warrior, Eivor, as you travel ...

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  • Seroca Davis stars in Steve McQueen’s “Small Axe”

    Red, White and Blue tells the true story of Leroy Logan, a young forensic scientist with a yearning to do more than his solitary ...

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  • Loud & Clear Voices is open for business!

    Loud & Clear Voices have over 120 voiceover artists with access to a home studio set-up, including some with Source Connect ...

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  • Don’t miss Akemnji Ndifornyen in brilliant new Netflix mini-series ‘The Queens Gambit’

    Abandoned and entrusted to a Kentucky orphanage in the late 1950s, Beth Harmon discovers an astonishing talent for chess while ...

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New voices

  • Ricky Nixon

    20/30's Neutral/London Friendly/Bright/Natural

  • Caroline Hayes

    30/40's West Country/RP Gentle/Characterful/Warm

  • Lizzy Pattinson

    20/30's RP/Neutral Confident/Aspirational/Sassy

  • Lucy Irving

    30/40's Neutral, Assured/Soothing/Husky

  • Mikey O’Connor

    30/40's American, Smooth/Versatile/Comedic

Interesting fact

Film noir is especially associated with the voice over technique. The golden age of first person narration was in the 1940's. The genre typically used male voice over narration but there are a few rare female voice-over narration in noir.  Voice-over and flashback were persistent stylistic and narrative elements of film noir style.

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Loud and Clear Voices is a London-based award winning voice over agency. We’ve hand-picked our voices from all areas of the media, so we’ve got some ... Read more →

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