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  • Rhy Ifans stars in ‘On Bear Ridge’ at the Royal Court & ‘Official Secrets’ in Cinemas

    “One minute we had customers, the next minute there was no-one.” In a lost village, blurred by redrawn borders, hidden under a ...

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  • Zoom into adventure with Esther Coles in new CGI action comedy ‘Ricky Zoom’

    From the producers of ‘PJ Masks’, brand new ‘Ricky Zoom’ is a CGI action comedy adventure ...

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  • Crystal Clarke & Adam James are in exciting new game ‘The Surge 2’

    A mysterious storm causes your plane to crash in the outskirts of Jericho City. Weeks later, you awaken in a crumbling metropolis ...

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  • Listen to some of our fantastic voices in the 50 new audiobook editions of Penguin Classics

    Discover fifty new audiobooks from the Penguin Classics collection, read by some of the UK and Ireland’s best acting talent. ...

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  • See Gavin Drea in Lorca’s most famous tragedy ‘Blood Wedding’ at the Young Vic

    A bride promised. A blood vow broken. The vengeance of a village unleashed. Passions and traditions collide with unstoppable ...

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New voices

  • Taheen Modak

    20/30's London, Contemporary/Gritty/Natural

  • Tom Deacon

    20/30's Neutral, Comedic/Engaging/Natural

  • Al Doyle

    40/50's Irish, Deep/Rich/Versatile

  • Chezzney Clarke

    Teen/20's London, Deep/Edgy/Cool

  • Georgina Campbell

    20/30's Northern/Neutral, Engaging/Husky/Warm

Interesting fact

Film noir is especially associated with the voice over technique. The golden age of first person narration was in the 1940's. The genre typically used male voice over narration but there are a few rare female voice-over narration in noir.  Voice-over and flashback were persistent stylistic and narrative elements of film noir style.

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Loud and Clear Voices is a London-based award winning voice over agency. We’ve hand-picked our voices from all areas of the media, so we’ve got some ... Read more →

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