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  • Landing soon…Ashton Frank is in new animated sci-fi comedy ‘Elliott from Earth’

    From the team behind multi-award-winning global hit ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ comes ‘Elliott from ...

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  • Tom Meeten stars in comedy thriller indie ‘Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break’

    It should have been the best day of Paul’s life. He was all set to enter the local heats of an X Factor-style national ...

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  • Christos Lawton stars in Ridley Scott’s ‘The Terror’ on BBC2

    Inspired by a true story, ‘The Terror’ centres on the Royal Navy’s perilous voyage into uncharted territory as ...

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  • Watch Georgina Campbell & Anna Wilson-Jones in ‘Soulmates’ on Amazon Prime

    ‘Soulmates’ is set 15 years into the future, when science has made a discovery that changes the lives of everyone ...

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  • Joe Jameson stars in new PS5 game ‘Destruction Allstars’

    Stars and cars collide. Dominate the glittering global phenomenon of Destruction AllStars – the spectacular prime-time sport for ...

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New voices

  • Ziggy Heath

    20/30 London/Neutral, Warm/Fresh/Charismatic

  • Lorraine Ashdown

    30/40's London/Neutral Clear/Assured/Soothing

  • Cristian Solimeno

    30/40's London/Neutral Contemporary/Textured/Cool

  • Ricky Nixon

    20/30's Neutral/London Friendly/Bright/Natural

  • Mikhail Sen

    20/30's, Indian/RP Expressive/Warm/Refined

Interesting fact

Film noir is especially associated with the voice over technique. The golden age of first person narration was in the 1940's. The genre typically used male voice over narration but there are a few rare female voice-over narration in noir.  Voice-over and flashback were persistent stylistic and narrative elements of film noir style.

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Loud and Clear Voices is a London-based award winning voice over agency. We’ve hand-picked our voices from all areas of the media, so we’ve got some ... Read more →

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