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  • Loud & Clear Voices is open for business!

    We would like to let all of our clients – old and new – know that we are open for business as usual. We currently have ...

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  • Christina Cole & Taheen Modak are in ITV’s reboot of 70’s cop series ‘Van Der Valk’

    ‘Van Der Valk’ is set in the lively and enigmatic city of Amsterdam and follows engaging, unapologetic and ...

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  • Josh Dylan & Steve John Shepherd narrate epic Penguin Classics ‘Germinal’ & ‘The Iliad’

    April 23rd sees the launch of a new audiobook collection of Penguin Classics. Considered by André Gide to be one of the 10 ...

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  • Make sure you see Ayoola Smart in the highly anticipated latest season of ‘Killing Eve’

    The wait is over, as ‘Killing Eve’ returns to BBC iPlayer and BBC One for a third series. Villanelle and Eve are back ...

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  • Watch Teddie Malleson-Allen in family fantasy adventure ‘Four Kids & It’

    Set on the beautiful Cornish coast, ‘Four Kids and It’ is a fun-filled family adventure based on Jacqueline ...

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New voices

  • Dakota Blue Richards

    20/30's Neutral/RP, Calm/Raw/Confident

  • Munroe Bergdorf

    20/30's Neutral, Contemporary/Clear/Warm

  • Bluey Robinson

    20/30's London, Current/Authentic/Dynamic

  • Emma Lowndes

    30/40's Northern, Believable/Honest/Likeable

  • Cerys Matthews

    30/40's Welsh, Lyrical/Emotive/Distinctive

Interesting fact

Warm up your voice before heavy use. Most people know that singers warm up their voices before a performance, yet many don’t realize the need to warm up the speaking voice before heavy use, such as teaching a class, preaching, or giving a speech. Warm-ups can be simple, such as gently gliding from low to high tones on different vowel sounds, doing lip trills (like the motorboat sound that kids make), or tongue trills.

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Loud and Clear Voices is a London-based award winning voice over agency. We’ve hand-picked our voices from all areas of the media, so we’ve got some ... Read more →

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