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Watch David Judge in Channel 4’s hit prison series ‘Screw’

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Watch David Judge in Channel 4’s hit prison series ‘Screw’
- David Judge

After the tragic events of the series one finale, the team of embattled prison officers are determined to make a fresh start.  But as those behind the cell doors of C Wing know only too well, moving on isn’t always simple. 

With changes at the very top and fresh faces on the wing, Leigh’s new bond with Rose – and the secrets they share – will be tested to the limit. 

As the whole team struggles to make a difference to the complicated lives in their care, rumours of an undercover policeman on the wing threatens order at Long Marsh, and the pressure is on Leigh to identify him before his fellow inmates do – because as the new Governor reminds her, another death on C Wing would mean the end of C wing – and Leigh’s team. But which of the new arrivals on C Wing could it be?

Don’t miss L&C’s new artist David Judge as Prisoner Wade Hemmings in ‘Screw’ – available to stream and watch live on Channel 4.