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Steve Oram

30/40's Light Midlands, Friendly/Comedic/Familiar
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Steve Oram

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Steve Oram is a London based actor, comedian, writer and film-maker.

He has performed both comedic and serious roles in numerous TV and Film projects. His breakthrough project was ‘Sightseers’, a multi-award winning dark British comedy following the exploits of a caravanning serial killer couple.

He has also appeared in 'Line of Duty', 'Code 404', ‘The End Of The F***ing World’, 'The Fantastic Flitcrofts', 'Ghosts', 'Not Going Out', 'Sally4Ever', 'Hang Ups', 'The Moorside' and Irish horror film ‘A Dark Song’.

Steve has a background in live comedy and has toured with Steve Coogan. He also regularly performs his live show ‘Club Fantastico’ in London with comedy partner Tom Meeten.

Steve’s self-penned directorial debut 'Aaaaaaaah!' was released in 2015. It is a dystopian comedy in which everyone in the cast speaks like apes.

Audio Books

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