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Ross Anderson is in new Netflix comedy heist movie ‘Lift’

Abby is an Interpol agent who has been after a criminal gang for years. She’s hot on the trail of band leader Cyrus at a Venice art auction when a Van Gogh masterpiece disappears in London.

Abby is commanded by her boss Huxley to bring Cyrus and his gang in as accomplices on a plot to confiscate a shipment of gold that criminal mastermind Jorgensen is using to pay off a group bent on wreaking havoc by hacking into the power and other grids of major cities.

But there are a lot of complications, top among them the fact that the shipment must be confiscated during a commercial flight and that Abby and Cyrus have their own, short-lived romantic history….

Don’t miss the brilliant Ross Anderson in ‘Lift’ streaming now on Netflix.