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Don’t miss Miranda Hennessy in new BBC1 comedy series ‘King Gary’

The series follows Gary King and love of his life Terri as they bowl through family life in suburbia. Gary’s quest to impress the neighbours and fill his dad’s big shoes might be more successful if he wasn’t such a drama queen. But there’s always a lot of love around in Butterchurn Crescent.

Gary has a building site prankster to deal with, but he turns out to be the local loose cannon and hard man, Lee Benson. Can Gary muster up the courage to sack the terrifying Benson, or will his dad, Big Gary, have to get involved?

Meanwhile, young Teddy King has his first ever date with the coolest girl down ‘The Dave’, Rose Ferdinando. His mum Terri is so keen to impress Rose’s mum, Chloe – played by the brilliantly funny Miranda Hennessy – on the dinner date that she borrows a brand new Range Rover from a friend and pretends that it’s her own.

See Miranda Hennessy in ‘King Gary’ from Friday 10th January, 9.30pm, BBC1