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Don’t miss Catherine Bailey in new ITV crime drama ‘Grace’

When the unorthodox policing methods of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace are brought into question under cross examination in a local murder trial and a journalist gets hold of the story, it does nothing to improve his standing with his superiors who are concerned about the damage he has done to the reputation of the force.

Grace is already carrying a heavy load. Plagued by the disappearance of his beloved wife Sandy, without a trace, six years ago on his 40th birthday and still searching for answers as to her whereabouts to this day, he seems to be more at home with the dead these days. 

Working in an office surrounded by unsolved cold cases which are gathering dust and only serve as a reminder of his own ghosts, Grace can’t seem to let go of the past despite his best efforts to try and move on.

Based on the international best-selling book “Dead Simple”, watch the incredibly talented Catherine Bailey in ‘Grace’. Starts on Sunday 14th March, 8pm on ITV1.