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Watch Tom Meeten in the latest season of ‘Motherland’

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Watch Tom Meeten in the latest season of ‘Motherland’
- Tom Meeten

‘Motherland’ Season 3 is back on BBC2 with more school run drama and playdate politics. Expect more trials and tribulations from the world of parenting as Julia, Liz and Kevin try their best to fit in at the school gates. 

Can Julia find a way to juggle her time between her kids and the demands of working full time with a husband who is never around? Will Liz ever care who she offends with her brilliantly brutal honesty? And will Kevin ever manage to impress queen bee Amanda with his embarrassing but endearing try-hard antics? 

Don’t miss the fantastic Tom Meeten as Sam the Shepherd in ‘Motherland’ on Mondays, 9pm, BBC2 and iPlayer.