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Alex Murphy stars in ‘The Young Offenders’

Time has passed and everyone must navigate how relationships change with hilarious and heartwarming results after Conor and Jock find themselves on the wrong side of the law again.

Conor and Jock have grown older, but not wiser. Flashbacks explain how a madcap trip sees them on the wrong side of the law, as they’re given a free holiday to Colombia in exchange for bringing back two heavy parka coats to Ireland. Everything that can go wring, does, and the pair end up banged up – Jock in Colombia and Conor in Ireland.

Elsewhere, Principal Walsh has found himself in dire straits because of a disastrous split with his wine-loving wife, Orla , Mairéad has married Sergeant Healy, and Linda has moved on with another guy… Who is going to tell Conor when he’s released that she’s getting hitched to his mortal enemy?

L&C’s fantastic Alex Murphy stars as Conor in ‘The Young Offenders’ – Every Friday at 9.30pm on BBC One and iPlayer.