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Watch Maddie Evans in the final season of black comedy ‘Inside No 9’

Jason, Lynne and their two teenage daughters try out their local escape room ‘The Killer’s Lair’.

For Jason, solving puzzles and following clues is a passion, but for his daughters, the escape room experience is not exactly their idea of fun. However, their love for their Dad outweighs their reluctance, and they reluctantly join him for an evening of mystery and suspense.

As the family delves deeper into The Killer’s Lair, tensions rise, and secrets are revealed as they race against the clock to escape.

With each puzzle becoming more challenging than the last, viewers are kept on the edge of their seats as they follow the family’s journey through the maze of clues.

Will they get out before they run out of time?

Don’t miss L&C’s super talented Maddie Evans in the brilliant final season of ‘Inside No 9 – CTRL, ALT, ESC’ on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer