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Watch Dan Connolly in ‘Dolly’ at the Park Theatre

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Watch Dan Connolly in ‘Dolly’ at the Park Theatre
- Dan Connolly

Until you own your story, your story will own you. 

‘Dolly’ is an uncompromising, dynamic story, using spoken word and movement. This high octane drama, with biting comedy, examines how childhood trauma manifests itself into adulthood.

We meet WOMAN, who has visible third-degree burns, as she unpacks how she navigates all her relationships with COUNSELLOR. During therapy sessions WOMAN is forced to revisit her childhood and in particular, her relationship with her estranged mother.  With her 40th birthday fast approaching, WOMAN’S desire to work out how this has affected her comes into sharp focus as she considers becoming a parent herself. ‘Dolly’ supports The Katie Piper Foundation.

‘Dolly’ is Dusette’s second autobiographical play. Her first, ‘Cancel the Sunshine’, examined what it can be like to live with ill mental health, when you don’t have help. 

Part of the ‘Come What May’ Festival, catch the wonderful Dan Connolly in ‘Dollu’ at the Park Theatre in a limited run from 23rd – 28th May.