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Watch Adam James in brand new 5-part ITV thriller ‘The Suspect’

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Watch Adam James in brand new 5-part ITV thriller ‘The Suspect’
- Adam James

Doctor Joe O’Loughlin appears to have the perfect life – a devoted wife, a loving daughter, successful practice as a clinical psychologist, media profile and a publishing deal. He’s even a hero online after rescuing a young patient who was ready to jump from the tenth floor of the hospital where Joe works.

When a young woman is found in a shallow grave in a West London cemetery, veteran police officer DI Vincent Ruiz and his young partner DS Riya Devi are assigned to the investigation. But has the young woman been murdered or is this a case of suicide?

Now known for his risk-taking and rule-breaking does Joe have more to hide? His recent diagnosis with a degenerative condition could explain his behaviour. But as the investigation into the woman’s death gathers pace, we start to ask, do we know the real Joe, or does he have a secret life? And has his work as a clinical psychologist allowed him to develop a criminal mindset? Or worse?

Don’t miss L&C’s fabulous Adam James as Dr Gerald ‘Jack’ Owens in ‘The Suspect’; available on Monday, 9pm, ITV1 and ITV Hub