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Munroe Bergdorf

20/30's Neutral, Contemporary/Clear/Warm
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Munroe Bergdorf


Munroe Bergdorf is a London based artist.

Familiar for her honest insight into matters of inclusion, feminism, and the transgender community, Model, Activist and Doctor of Letters, Munroe Bergdorf has proven herself as the brave and bold voice which society needs.

An icon in an age of increasing social awareness, Munroe uses her profile to advocate for a fairer world and to empower individuals to fight for positive change.

Munroe regularly features on national and international news outlets to comment on race, diversity, gender and LGBTQ+ topics, and most recently was appointed an UN Women UK Changemaker.

“She’s a powerful and unstoppable force and the world should take notice.”  Teen Vogue, April 2018



Visual - My Life in Objects

Visual - Documentary Trailer

Visual - Interview