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Kirsty Dillon

30/40's RP/Neutral, Chatty/Confident/Experienced
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Kirsty Dillon

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- BAFTA Nominations for ‘Digby Dragon’ and ‘Lifesaver VR’ voiced by Loud and Clears wonderful ‘Clark Devlin’ and ‘Kirsty Dillion’


Kirsty Dillon is a London based actress.

Kirsty has had a diverse acting career for 20 years. Her most recent work includes 'Man Like Mobeen' (BBC), 'MotherFatherSon' (BBC), and 'Strike' (BBC). She is probably best known for her role as Detective Stephens on 'Midsomer Murders'.

Her voice over career has spanned 15 years working with clients such as Clinique, Galaxy, The Times and she has worked on Ch4 promos for over 10 years.

Important to note is that the two skills combined landed her the role of Kate in the film 'Locke' alongside Tom Hardy.


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