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Jamie East

30/40's Neutral/Midlands Cheerful/Comedic/Warm
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Jamie East


Jamie East is a London based TV presenter, broadcaster, journalist and voiceover artist.

He began his career as singer in punk band The Beekeepers before cutting his teeth in the world of media at Sky. It was here that, through sheer boredom, he created Holy Moly in his spare time. Holy Moly went on to become one of the largest and well-known gossip and Entertainment websites in the country and made Jamie an authoritative figure in the world of Celebrity Gossip and Popular Culture.

After selling half of Holy Moly to Endemol in 2011, he was asked to co-present Big Brother’s Bit On The Side with Emma Willis. This has now become Channel 5’s second highest rated programme (Big Brother being the 1st) and so began Jamie’s broadcasting career.

Jamie’s most recent projects are presenting the fourth and fifth series of Thronecast, the Game of Thrones fan show on Sky Atlantic and his alter-ego, The Watercooler, on ITV2’s TVOD.

He is natural, cheeky and totally at ease doing live, on-location and pre-recorded shows. He’s a real safe pair of hands and we challenge you to find a more original interviewer.

From January he has been presenting a new afternoon show on talkRadio from 1–4pm alongside a range of co-hosts including Melanie Sykes and Saira Khan.

Jamie is a married father of four with interests in fatherhood, music, celebrity, travel, motorbikes and tattoos, smallholdings and trying to renovate this damn underground eco house he bought on a whim a couple of years ago. He remembers sleep, vaguely- like an old friend.