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Isobel Wood

20/30's RP/Scottish/Midlands, Calm/Expressive/Warm
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Isobel Wood


Isobel is a London based British actor with Scottish and Birmingham heritage. She spent much of her childhood growing up in Aberdeenshire.

She completed her professional training at Drama Centre London on the BA Acting course in 2018. She has since worked across both TV, film and theatre. Her TV and  film credits include Silent Witness (BBC, S27), Chief Of Station (Bee Holder Productions), The Leerie’ (BFI Network), multi award winning comedy short ‘Armpit’ and feature film ‘Avengers Age of Ultron’ (Marvel Studios). Her theatre credits include, Here lies Jeremy Troy’ (English Theatre of Hamburg) Wight Rose (Theatre 503).

Isobel is also a highly skilled Mezzo-Soprano singer having spent her formative school years training in musical theatre at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts.

She is familiar with Scottish language dialects particularly Doric; the local dialect/language to Aberdeenshire