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Christina Cole

30/40's RP/Neutral, Elegant/Soothing/Reassuring
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Christina Cole

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- Christina Cole & Leemore Marrett Jr star in long awaited sequel ‘Alan Wake II’ - Christina Cole & Taheen Modak are in ITV’s reboot of 70’s cop series ‘Van Der Valk’


Christina Cole is a London based actress.

She trained at The Oxford School of Drama and is best known for her role as Dr Paula Agard in HBO series ‘Suits’.

Her other TV credits include 'Strike: Lethal White' (BBC), 'Van Der Valk' (ITV), ‘The Indian Detective’ (CTV), ‘Innocent’ (ITV), ‘SS-GB’ (BBC1) & ‘The Blacklist’ (NBC). Her film credits include ‘Jupiter Ascending’, ‘Mutual Friends’ and lead roles in ‘Surviving Evil’, ‘God’s Wounds’, and ‘The Deaths of Ian Stone’.

She also starred on the London stage opposite Matthew Perry in his play ‘The End of Longing’ (Playhouse), as well as ‘The Magistrate’ (National) and ‘The Lightening Play’ (Almeida).She has recorded for numerous video games including ‘Vampyr’, ‘The Surge 2’ and ‘Warhammer’.

She was most recently seen playing Harriet Sarratova in 'The Window', a drama series directed by Adrian Shergold.

Christina can be heard starring as Alice Wake in long-awaited sequel 'Alan Wake 2' (Remedy Games / Epic Publishing).


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