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Caroline McNally-Smith

20/30s Yorkshire, Chatty/Cheeky/Natural
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Caroline McNally-Smith


Caroline McNally-Smith is a London based voice over artist and audio post production producer.

Originally from Yorkshire, Caroline has been living in London for almost 10 years. Her accent has been a source of entertainment for many colleagues/ friends she thought why not put that gift to good use and venture into the world of voice over.

Working in a busy sound studio, Caroline has gained lots of experience behind the mic doing animation character voices, guide reads for high profile clients and ADR.

Her voice has a warm, welcoming and trustworthy tone which can be easily adapted to suit a range of genres.

Caroline has a fun and friendly personality which makes her easy to work with and takes direction well. Surrounded by 10 audio studios on a daily basis she can be available at the drop of a hat for your voice over needs.

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