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Anna Wilson-Jones

40/50's Neutral/RP Assured/Warm/Elegant
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Anna Wilson-Jones

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Anna Wilson-Jones is a London based actor.

She worked extensively with the National Youth Theatre, before dipping her toes briefly into Medicine and Law.

Now, with a diverse acting career under her belt, Anna's most recent TV credits include 'Adult Material' (Channel 4), 'Succession' (HBO), 'Soulmates' (Amazon), 'A Christmas Gift from Bob' (Amazon) 'Breeders' (Sky/FX), 'A Confession' (ITV), 'Harlots' (Hulu), 'Black Mirror' (C4/Netflix), 'Phone Shop' and 'Spaced' - as well as the regular role of Lady Emma Portman in 'Victoria' (ITV) for which she is best known.

Theatre credits include 'The Gathered Leaves' (Park Theatre), 'Kill Me Now' (Park Theatre), 'Life After George' (Duchess) and 'Dangerous Corner' (Garrick).

Anna can be seen playing Adele Fitzgerald in the BBC/HBO series 'Industry'.