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Al Doyle

40/50's Irish, Deep/Rich/Versatile
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Al Doyle

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Al Doyle is a London based Irish voice-over artist.

He enjoyed a varied music career, starting with his first band 4 Rhythm in 1995, topping the charts later that year with their song ‘Manic’. They toured extensively across Ireland and the UK supporting bands including the Prodigy. He set up the award winning hip hop act 3rd Eye Surfers in 2001, releasing the first ever Irish Hip Hop Album called ‘Filthy Folklore’. They supported Public Enemy, Jurassic Five and Grand Master Flash. In 2004, he joined the experimental band Decadence releasing the album ‘Loud’ later that year to critical acclaim.

Since moving to London in 2016, Al has put his voice over career into overdrive. He has worked with some of the world’s top brands including Vodafone, Amazon, Sky, Guinness, Red Bull and the WWE.

More recently, Al has ventured into the world of animation and story-telling. He has featured as multiple characters in animation series' including 'Zig & Zag' (BBC), and most recently, playing five characters in the BAFTA acknowledged series 'Night Zookeeper' (Sky 1). Al also featured in the 2016 release of 'Star Wars: Battle Front 2'.

He is currently writing and performing on new animation ‘Ghost Town’ and can be heard as multiple characters on Milkshake's pre-school animation series 'Mya Go'.


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