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Tallulah Conabeare is ‘Princess Mirror-Belle’ in new CBBC live action series.

Ellen’s life is turned upside down by the hilarious Mirror-Belle, a spirited princess who claims to be from somewhere mysterious and far away. She appears out of mirrors to tell Ellen magical stories and take her on exciting escapades.

From battling with Dragon Pox to helping out with the local pantomime, celebrating birthdays, having fun at the fair and starting at a new school, there are always adventures to be had!

‘Princess Mirror-Belle’ is a brand new, live action series for 5-7 year olds about a young girl and her mischievous mirror double, based on the best-selling books by Julia Donaldson.

Starring Loud & Clear Young One Tallulah Conabeare – and little brother Wilbur as Cousin Anthony – don’t miss ‘Princess Mirror-Belle’ on CBBC and BBC iPlayer from Monday 29th November.