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EDINBURGH FRINGE……See Seroca Davis in ‘Red Dust Road’

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EDINBURGH FRINGE……See Seroca Davis in ‘Red Dust Road’
- Seroca Davis

‘You cannot find yourself in two strangers who happen to share your genes. You’re made already … from a mixture of myth and gene. You are part fable, part porridge.’

Jackie Kay grew up in Glasgow in the 1970s as the adopted, mixed-race child of lifelong committed communists. As a child, while watching cowboys and Indians on TV, Jackie noticed her skin was a different colour to her mother’s. In searching for answers to what makes her — nature or nurture — she decided to find her birth parents.

Travelling from Scotland to Nigeria, ‘Red Dust Road’ chronicles Jackie’s 20-year search for her biological mother and father and her quest for them to recognise her own existence.

Don’t miss the mesmerising Seroca Davis in the stage adaptation of ‘Red Dust Road’ which opens at the Edinburgh International Festival between 14th-18th August.