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Alison O’Donnell stars in the latest season of ‘Shetland’

After thirty years away, Met detective DI Ruth Calder heads back home on the trail of Ellen Quinn – the scared witness to a London gangland murder.

In Lerwick, Tosh pauses her investigation into a string of sinister animal deaths to help Calder find Ellen before it’s too late. Calder and Tosh discover her mother Stella and father Kieran haven’t seen Ellen since she left for London six months ago and are surprised to hear that she’s back in Shetland.

On top of the twists and turns of the case, Calder is faced with figures from her past including her ex-boyfriend Cal Innesand estranged younger brother Alan – now the minister of their late father’s old kirk.

It’s clear from the off, Calder has no love for Tosh’s adopted home and their journey into the dark recesses of Shetland’s past and present will test their partnership to the limit.

L&C’s wonderful Alison O’Donnell reprises her popular role as Tosh in the latest season of ‘Shetland’ from Wednesday 1st November on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer .