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Adam James stars in lavish new Britbox drama ‘Hotel Portofino’

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Adam James stars in lavish new Britbox drama ‘Hotel Portofino’
- Adam James

‘Hotel Portofino’ follows Bella Ainsworth, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist who moves to Italy to set up a quintessentially British hotel in the breathtakingly beautiful town of Portofino during the ‘Roaring 20s’.

The hotel caters for upper-class travellers who soon become over-demanding and hard to please, especially the imperious and influential Lady Latchmere. What’s more, Bella quickly finds herself being targeted by a scheming and corrupt local politician, Signor Danioni, who threatens to drag her into the red-hot political cauldron of Mussolini’s Italy. 

The demands of running Hotel Portofino take up much of Bella’s time and energy, but she also has to take care of her wounded son Lucian and her widowed daughter Alice in the traumatic aftermath of The First World War.

Don’t miss L&C’s excellent Adam James as Jack Turner in ‘Hotel Portofino’ available now on Britbox UK.