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  • Taj Atwal Is Back As Madeleine Lemaire In “Thunderbirds Are Go” On Saturday 3rd Dec At 4pm

    Taj Atwal returns as Madeleine Lemaire in the epic “Thunderbirds Are Go” this Saturday 3rd Dec At 4pm on ITV. In this ...

    2nd December read more →
  • “Allied” Featuring Josh Dylan Is In Cinema’s On General Release From 25th Nov

    Josh Dylan stars as Captain Adam Hunter in “Allied” which is on general release on Friday 25th Nov. Robert ...

    23rd November read more →
  • Mystery Thriller “The Missing” Returns To BBC One With Keeley Hawes On 12th Oct at 9pm

    Suspense drama “The Missing” is back on BBC One starring Keeley Hawes as Gemma on 12th Oct at 9pm The BBC One hit show ...

    7th October read more →
  • Noel Clarke Stars As Gunner Martin In ITV’s New Primetime Drama “The Level” This Fri 30th Sept

    Don’t miss ITV’s new primetime thriller cop show “The Level” with Noel Clarke as Gunner Martin this Fri ...

    28th September read more →
  • Becca Stewart Busts Out Her Karate Voice Skills In the Brand New “The Gummy Bear Show” Exclusively To YouTube

    Becca Stewart busts out her karate voice skills as Kala the martial arts kitty in the brand new “Gummibär and ...

    26th September read more →

New voices

  • Kirsty Dillon

    30/40's RP/Neutral, Chatty/Confident/Experienced

  • Ian Davies

    20/30's Welsh/Neutral, Rich/Natural/Clear

  • Justin Wilkes

    20/30's Neutral, Lively/Dynamic/Experienced

  • Josh Dylan

    Young/20's RP/London, Calm/Relaxed/Sincere

  • Samantha Bloom

    20/30's RP, Natural/Authentic/Charming

Interesting fact

Warm up your voice before heavy use. Most people know that singers warm up their voices before a performance, yet many don’t realize the need to warm up the speaking voice before heavy use, such as teaching a class, preaching, or giving a speech. Warm-ups can be simple, such as gently gliding from low to high tones on different vowel sounds, doing lip trills (like the motorboat sound that kids make), or tongue trills.

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Loud and Clear Voices is a London-based voice over agency. We’ve hand-picked our voices from all areas of the media so we’ve got some fantastic actors, ... Read more →

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