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  • Loud and Clear Voices Reigns Supreme At The Theatre This Autumn.

    This autumn Loud and Clear Voices reigns supreme at the theatre as we’ve got a number of our sensationally talented actors ...

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  • ‘Total War: WARHAMMER II’ Is Out Now Featuring An Array Of Loud And Clear’s Fantastic Voices

    The hugely anticipated ‘Total War: WARHAMMER II’ is available for download and in shops today featuring an array of ...

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  • ‘Becca Dudley’ to be the online face for this years ‘X Factor’ and hosting the new digital series ‘Just Eat’s Xtra Bites’

    ‘Becca Dudley’ will be hosting the new digital series ‘Just Eat’s Xtra Bites’ for this years ‘X Factor’. ‘X ...

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  • ‘Adam James’ Returns for the second series of ‘Doctor Foster’ arriving on our screen’s at 9pm on the 5th September airing on ‘BBC One’.

    ‘Doctor Foster’ is set to return to our screens for the second series on the 5th September airing on ‘BBC ...

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  • ‘Scotland’s Model Teenager’ arrives on our TV screens tonight narrated by ‘Edith Bowman’ showing on ‘BBC One’ at 7:30pm

    Arriving on our TV screen’s tonight ‘Scotland’s Model Teenager’ from 7:30pm on ‘BBC One’ narrated by Loud and Clear’s ...

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New voices

  • Rosie Revan

    20/30s London, Comedic/Energetic/Bubbly

  • Rob Crouch

    30/40's London, Charming/Informative/Deep

  • Theo Toksvig – Stewart

    Young/20's London/RP, Urban/Vibrant/Youthful

  • Charlie Coletta

    20/30's London/Neutral, Natural/Warm/Girl Next Door

  • Lesley Harcourt

    30/40's Northern/Scottish, Funny/Bright/Experienced

Interesting fact

Did you know that not all male characters are played by males? More then likely if you have a young boy character in a cartoon series, the casting directors will cast a female voice over in the role because they can sound like young boys, and their voices will not change for a very long length of years, if at all.

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Loud and Clear Voices is a London-based award winning voice over agency. We’ve hand-picked our voices from all areas of the media so we’ve got some ... Read more →

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