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Samuel Humphreys

20/30's Canadian, Amusing/Young/Fresh
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Samuel Humphreys


Samuel Humphreys is a London based Canadian actor.

Samuel is a native British Columbian and proud Canadian. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Theatre studies at Red Deer College, Alberta, before deciding to mix it up and come to the UK, where he completed his Masters in Film, TV, and Radio studies at E15.

Samuel loves character work tending to gravitate towards more challenging roles. He has appeared on stage in new plays & fringe productions for both the Edinburgh and Camden Fringe, a new works festival at the Cockpit, different Shakespearean roles at the Space and Rose Theatre, has done several festival circuit short films, and actively dabbles in stage combat and motion capture. He also actively performs comedic poetry readings, and is currently working on a new play.



Audio Books

Visual - Da Little Mermaid (Playing Ursula)