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Shannon Tarbet is in Hampstead Theatre’s ‘The Breach’

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Shannon Tarbet is in Hampstead Theatre’s ‘The Breach’

Love has no limits for the Diggs siblings: there’s nothing that 17-year-old Jude won’t do to keep her younger brother Acton safe. Growing up in the turbulence of 1970s America, Jude works nights and weekends to pay the bills, just so that they can stay together and with their mother.

But when Acton’s troublesome pals form a club in their basement, a foolish game threatens to upend Jude’s plans, and derail their lives forever. How far will Jude go to protect her brother? And who will pay the eventual price of her doing so?

As trust and loyalty are put on the line, hindsight proves devastating in Naomi Wallace’s absorbing, coming-of-age drama ‘The Breach’, directed by Sarah Frankcom.

See L&C’s fabulous Shannon Tarbet in ‘The Breach’ at the Hampstead Theatre until 4th June.