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‘Quiz’ starring Greg Haiste is a Westend hatrick for playwright James Graham

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‘Quiz’ starring Greg Haiste is a Westend hatrick for playwright James Graham

Many suspected a Westend transfer for James Graham’s Quiz after it’s rave reviews in Chichester. Well the suspicions have become a welcome reality, and one that’s most welcome in our books, as it stars our very own Greg Haste.

Quiz is the third of Graham’s plays to move smartly to the West end, making it a hattrick alongside Ink and Labour of Love. The play is about Major Charles Ingram, the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? contestant accused of cheating by getting chums in the audience to endorse his answers by a code of coughs. James Graham’s Quiz is an oblique look at television fame, crowd power and the pleasure we take in being angry.

Loud and Clears Greg Haiste can be seen playing multiple roles throughout this thoroughly entertaining masterpiece of a production. The cast embody everyone from the world’s press to Jim Bowen, and Hilda and Elsie from Coronation Street. Gavin Spokes plays the amiably bluff-seeming Ingram, sweating it out in the Mastermind-like chair, alongside Keir Charles who emulates Chris Tarrant’s craggy smiles and showbiz mateyness to perfection.

We urge you all to phone a friend and get yourselves to the Noel Coward theatre to see this play which runs until the 16th of June.