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Nigel Pilkington & Hollie Taylor are “Best Bugs Forever”

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Nigel Pilkington & Hollie Taylor are “Best Bugs Forever”

“Best Bugs Forever” is a sitcom about three friends who are making their way in an amazing new city that’s more exciting and full of adventure than anywhere they’ve been before.

They’ll make great new friends, try out new things, and learn more about themselves with every adventure. Oh, and did we forget to mention… they’re all bugs!

The ‘city’ they’re making their new home is a rundown human motel, but from their tiny point of view it’s a sprawling, bustling metropolis that’s just crawling with insect life, with a lively and colourful fifties American vibe.

Hear the fantastic Nigel Pilkington and Hollie Taylor in “Best Bugs Forever” from 15th June on Disney Channel.