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Katherine Parkinson stars in new sitcom ‘Pandemonium’

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Katherine Parkinson stars in  new sitcom ‘Pandemonium’
- Katherine Parkinson

2020 has been an absolute nightmare for the Jessop family (amongst others).

Having seen their finances and future plans devastated, they’ve also had to abandon their holiday of a lifetime to California. With family morale at an all-time low, the Jessops decide they’re going to have their summer holiday after all, even if it means doing it in December. In Margate.

All filmed by their youngest son, ‘Pandemonium’ charts the Jessops’ last, dogged attempt at some quality family time in 2020, despite the best efforts of a global pandemic to pull them apart…

Catch Katherine Parkinson in ‘Pandemonium’ on Wednesday 30th Dec, 9.45pm, BBC1.